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Principal Satellite Operations Systems Engineer - Mission Operations

Lynk Global

Lynk Global

Software Engineering, Operations
United States
Posted on Friday, May 24, 2024

About Lynk:

Lynk is the only patented, proven, and commercially-operational satellite-direct-to-standard-phone (sat2phone) system in the world. We will enable all 8 billion people on the planet to stay connected with the existing standard phone in their pocket. Everywhere. No matter what.

By joining Lynk, you will have the opportunity to directly touch the lives of billions. Your mission will be to bring mobile broadband to billions, pull hundreds of millions out of poverty, and save countless lives.

Job Summary:

The Principal Satellite Operations Engineer at Lynk is a technical systems engineering position pivotal to ensuring the operational integrity and safety of our constellation of LEO satellites. Your primary responsibilities will encompass technical review and assessment of satellite telemetry, analyzing trends, leading investigations, conducting technical trades affecting satellite fleet operation, developing and evaluating concepts of operations, and overseeing launch and early operations. Additionally, this role involves providing inputs and requirements to data analysis tools and operations workflows. This position is deeply technical and does not involve people management responsibilities.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Daily Telemetry Review: Conduct thorough daily reviews of satellite telemetry data and alarms to monitor the health and performance of the satellite constellation.

  • Anomaly Investigation: Lead investigations into any anomalies detected in satellite telemetry, employing a systematic approach to identify and evaluate root causes, workarounds, and corrective actions.

  • Technical Trades: Engage in technical trades to optimize satellite operations, considering factors such as power consumption, communication bandwidth, and orbital dynamics.

  • Concepts of Operations and Automation Development: Collaborate with stakeholders to develop and evaluate concepts of operations, and automations, aimed at maximizing the productivity and efficiency of the satellite constellation. Effectively document and communicate new and existing operational concepts and automations.

  • Launch and Early Operations (LEOP): Provide technical oversight and support during satellite launch and early operations phases, ensuring smooth transitions into operational status.

  • Data Analysis Tools and Operations Workflows: Provide inputs and requirements to data analysis tools, technical standards and guidelines, and operations workflows to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

In the First 12 Months:

  • Familiarization: Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the satellite fleet, operational procedures, and telemetry data analysis tools.

  • Technical Data Review: Lead daily technical data and telemetry alert reviews, perform and/or direct investigations, guide the implementation of in-orbit operations, and assess their effectiveness.

  • Investigation History: Comprehensive review of fleet investigation history, assessing resolution and effective implementation of corrective actions.

  • Operational Optimization:

    • For the in-orbit fleet, Identify and implement operational workarounds, automated Fault Detection and Recovery, and improvements to enhance satellite performance and reliability.

    • For in development satellites, inform the design and test of improved on-board automation.

  • Launch Support: Provide technical oversight for a multi-satellite LEOP, ensuring adherence to safety protocols, and methodical execution of in-orbit test procedures.

Helpful Qualifications:

  • Proven experience in satellite operations, telemetry analysis, and anomaly resolution.

  • Proficiency in data analysis and systems analysis tools and techniques, such as STK, Matlab, python scripting, etc.

  • Deep knowledge of satellite systems, subsystems, and space environment considerations.

  • Strong understanding and experience working with satellite flight software, attitude control algorithms, and space-to-ground interfaces.

  • Demonstrated effectiveness working in and leading multidisciplinary teams.

  • Familiarity with relevant industry standards and best practices in satellite operations and safety.

Job Location:

Washington, DC area